Docentric Toolkit 1.3 is out

This release adds a very powerful feature to the toolkit. It is called “Sub Document” element. This is a new tagging element among existing ones in the armoury and it can be used to insert a document into another one. Basically this element enables “Document Merging” in the Docentric toolkit but it is not limited just to appending one document to another. It offers Document Merging in a much more flexible way.

Document Merging in Docentric still follows the template-based Document Generation approach. Instead of merging two documents into a third one you create a template and place Sub Document elements each representing a sub document. When generating the final document each sub document will be inserted in the place of the corresponding Sub Document element in the template. This way you can also insert sub document into table cell of another document or use this functionality to achieve recursive results (insert the first document into the second one and then the second one into a third one …).

Also a very important addition to the toolkit is the “Example Browser” application which gets automatically installed with the setup. Like its name implies it is an application containing various examples showing important features of the toolkit. It is also a good learning source because the source code of the application is also available.

You can get the new version from our download page.

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