Docentric Toolkit 1.4.0 has been released

This release brings the following changes:

  • More flexible licensing model.
    The new licensing model featuring the Standard and the Professional edition. It basically makes a distinction between “document generation” and “reporting”. If you need to produce only documents and tabular reports without charts bound to data from your application, the Standard edition will suffice.
    The new licensing model also introduces new & lower prices, making Docentric Toolkit top quality yet affordable component.
  • A new data source kind – so called Docentric Type System (DTS).
    Docentric Toolkit Add-In for MS Word can also be used by non-technical end users for the purpose of updating/creating new document templates. DTS is a much simplified .NET data type system which makes the use of the Add-In easier for business users (e.g. objects, collections, properties representing data sources have different look and feel in the Add-In). DTS object can be easily created with the use of a helper function provided by our side – you can take a look at implementation details in couple of examples shipped with our demo app Example Browser(installed with Docentric Toolkit).
  • New feature related to the List Element – horizontal rendering of a collection in a table.
    Now you can choose rendering direction of a List element placed in a table row/cell – so far the List element supported only vertical rendering of table rows. This feature opened new possibilities and enabled new templating scenarios that were previously unable to achieve (e.g. a horizontal product catalog). You can check the examples in the Example Browser to see how the new feature is used.
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