Docentric Toolkit 1.5.0 has been released

This release finaly brings the ability to insert HTML into documents, the feature that many of you have been waiting for so long. It currently supports the basic HTML supported by HTML rich text editors, such as paragraphs, styling tags (bold, italic), tables, ordered and unordered lists, as well as some of the most important inline styles.

The placeholder tagging element for HTML is not the Field element as some of you might have guessed, but the Sub-Document element. Note that even only a small fragment of HTML is in Docentric Toolkit considered a document and so the Sub-Document tagging element should be used when designating the document location for an HTML insertion.

Previously, the Sub-Document element always expected only Word document (.docx) as an input value. We have now extended the element by adding the Format property which can be used to tell the Report Engine what kind of document to expect. Currently there are two values to choose from: Word Document and HTML. This design will allow us to add support for other document formats in the future, such as RTF.

We added the “Inserting HTML” example to the “Example Browser” application (that installs along with the product) showing this feature in action. So download the release, play with it and let us now what you think. If you run on an unsupported HTML feature that you need in your project, please tell us¬†about it.

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