It has been possible to render/write collections by using the List element from the first version of Docentric Toolkit. Since the List element only repeats/copies its wrapped content for each item in a collection it was very easy to achieve to render each item on a new page by simply ending the wrapped content with the page break. The problem here was that you ended up with the document that: 1) always had another page after the last item and it was blank if there was no more content after the last item and 2) all but the first item pages started with a blank line (blank paragraph).

Both side effects were the results of a (too) simple logic of the List element that was simply multiplying its wrapped content without knowing what it is.

The new release fixes this. Now the List element rendering mechanism is able to recognize the OIPP (One-Item-Per-Page) scenario and properly removes the last page break and all the blank paragraphs at the beginning of each collection-item rendered page.

Last edited 13 November 2013