Static Image in IF tag returns invalid or unsupported image format

jule posted this 04 November 2016

Hi everybody,

In a word template (.docx), I have a image inside a if -Tag. By rendering the pdf document, I get the following error: invalid or unsupported image format

I tried to add the image inside my IF-Tag using Image-Tag but it doesn't work. According to documentation only byte-array are allowed but no static image.

Could someone give me a help? How can I add static image inside an IF-TAG?

FYI I'm using Docentric Version 3.0 Best regards bob

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jles posted this 06 November 2016

Hi Jule,

Please note that the vesion 3.0 is very old and the toolkit has been grately improved. It is hard to tell what is wrong in your case but I would strongly suggest you to download and install the latest release. I'm sure the issue has been fixed by now.

Please let me know if your template works ok with the latest release.

Thank you and best regards,


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