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jagdish posted this 24 April 2012


How to add multiple pages and how to add multiple datatable to DocumentGenerator.

Jagdish K

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jles posted this 24 April 2012

Hello Jagdish,

If I understand correctly, you probably want to use more than one data table as a data source on a template. You have 2 options: either you can add data tables as separate data sources or you can set whole data set (containing multiple data tables) as the default data source. There is an example in the documentation showing how to create a report with multiple data sources. This example works with orinary .NET objects but there is no difference for "XML" and ".NET object" data source kinds in adding named data sources to templates and supplying their values at report generation time. On the other side a different approach must be taken when using plain data sets/tables in contrast to typed data sets/tables. If you can provide more info on your scenario, I will be able to shed some more light on the problem you have.

How to add multiple pages...

Can you please explain what do you mean by pages. If you mean pages in MS Word, Docentric doesn't control that in any way.

Jure Leskovec

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