Adding a net core 6 datasource gives an error

stevetaylor posted this 30 January 2024

I am trying to assign a .net core 6 assembly ( .dll) to MS Word Docentric template.

I get the following error:

"The chosen file is locked, is not a valid .NET assembly or one of its assemblies could not be loaded.

Details: Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information"

What do i need to do to get the Docentric toolkit to see this dll? It works with a .net framework 4.8 dll but the net Core. I have the latest version installed V6.1 (

Any help would be appreciated Thanks

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jles posted this 30 January 2024


The problem you are experiencing is due to how Docentric Add-In for MS Word loads and analyses .NET assemblies to extract a schema. The Add-In itself is a .NET Framework application, and loading any non-Net Framework (in your case .NET 6) assemblies causes error. For example, when you try to load a .NET 6, the Add-In throws an exception because the assembly cannot be loaded in a .NET Framework application.

This is a known limitation in Docentric v6.1 and we plan to fix this in Docentric 7.0. A viable work-around would be having an empty .NET Framework library project that links all the needed source files (DTOs that you use as data source objects) from your .NET 6 project in order to compile the project into a .NET Framework assembly.

An even better solution, if you can configure your .NET 6 project containing DTOs multitarget project and add .NET Framework as one of the target platforms, that would be even better/easier and less intrusive for your VS solution.

Let me know if any of these workarounds work for you.

Best regards, Jure

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