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jrousselle posted this 10 April 2014


When, while in MS Word, you copy paste part of a template document the fields show but the mapping (the data expected) is lost in the process. Would it be feasible to implement a copy pasting functionnality which would save said mapping ?

For instance we have templates which are supposed to be rather different depending on the value of a field. Rather than create several different templates we would like to copy paste the content of the first 'if' branch and tweak it according to the fields needed for the other branches. Do you have a work around to troubleshoot this issue ?

Thank you for your quick response.

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jles posted this 10 April 2014

Hi Jeremy,

The issue has been reproduced on our side and confirmed. Initial checks show this is a bug, but we need to take a closer look into it to tell you more. I'll be back with more information by tomorrow. Are you in a hurry?

-- Jure

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jles posted this 11 April 2014

The bug is fixed. The fix is part of a new release v1.5.1.23530. You can download it from our standard download location.

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