Create and Bind Template to Xml and Xsd

danvonfeldt posted this 05 October 2017

I would like to take a non templated word document and turn it it into a template and set up the document binding (xml/xsd) programatically. I see Docentric.Documents.Reporting.TemplateManagement.TemplateDocument.Open(reportDocumentStream).MakeTemplate(), which seems promising for turning a document into a template, but I'm not seeing mechanism where I can attach an xsd and xml.


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jles posted this 06 October 2017

Hi Dan,

You were very close. Please see the snippet below that opens an MS Word document, converts it into a Docentric Toolkit template, adds two data sources and for each of the data sources sets the schema and the sample XML file:

public static void CreateTemplateFromOrdinaryDocument()
        // Read the ordinary docx file from the disk and make a in-memory copy of it.
        MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream();
        string sourceDocFilePath = TemplatesPath + "OrdinaryDocument.docx";
        using (FileStream sourceDocStream = File.OpenRead(sourceDocFilePath))

        // Open the in-memory version of the document as a template (actually it is not a template yet).
        using (TemplateDocument templateDocument = TemplateDocument.Open(ms))
            // Make this document a template (Metadata has been created).

            // Add the first data source (the default one).
                DataSource firstDataSource = new DataSource(DataKind.Xml);          // This is the default data source and does not have a name.
                templateDocument.Metadata.DataSources.Add(firstDataSource);         // Add it.

                // Infer the scema form a sample XML file.
                string sampleXmlFilePath = TemplatesPath + "XmlXsd\\Products.xml";
                using (FileStream sampleXmlStream = File.OpenRead(sampleXmlFilePath))
                    firstDataSource.Schema = Docentric.Documents.Reporting.TemplateManagement.Metadata.Xml.Schema.FromSampleXml(sampleXmlStream);

            // Add the second data source.
                DataSource secondDataSource = new DataSource(DataKind.Xml, "Machine");
                templateDocument.Metadata.DataSources.Add(secondDataSource);            // Add it.

                // Infer the scema form a sample XML file.
                string xsdFilePath = TemplatesPath + "XmlXsd\\MachineDNS.xsd";
                using (FileStream xsdStream = File.OpenRead(xsdFilePath))
                    secondDataSource.Schema = Docentric.Documents.Reporting.TemplateManagement.Metadata.Xml.Schema.FromXsd("d:\\test.xsd", xsdStream);

                // Set the preview data.
                secondDataSource.PreviewData = new PreviewData("e:\\test.xml", System.Xml.Linq.XElement.Load(TemplatesPath + "XmlXsd\\Products.xml"));

        // Write to the disk.
        File.WriteAllBytes(TemplatesPath + "CreatedTemplate.docx", ms.ToArray());

Regards, Jure Leskovec

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