Displaing Data in an Word textbox

pgatti posted this 28 March 2012

I'm trying to Display Data in a TextBox.
There is no Data showing.

How can I set the Position of Text like using a textbox?

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jles posted this 30 March 2012


I will need more info to help you. What kind of template are you working on? Are you using .NET objects or XML for data sources. Did you import schema for the data source. What kind of Docentric element (Field, List, Image ...) are you binding to the data source? Did you correctly set the binding value (using the binding control)?

How can I set the Position of Text like using a textbox?

What do you mean by this? Do you mean by the 'textbox' a Field element? All Docentric elements use RichTextBox controls as tags. And all positioning is done in MS Word, like you would do it without Docentric toolkit.

Are you maybe trying to insert a Docentric element into another 'Plain Text Content Control'. There is no TextBox control in MS Word 2007+ except if you referring to the old ActiveX textbox.

It would be best if you can send us the code and (or at least) the template. This way we will quickly be able to determine what you are doing and solve your problem.

Best regards,
Jure Leskovec

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pgatti posted this 31 March 2012

Hi Jure.

It works now perfect.

thanks Paolo

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