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bpmerkel posted this 23 July 2012

(I tried to submit this via the Support Form, but the captcha is broken.)

When I try to add a reference to the Docentric assemblies in a Silverlight 4 project, they quickly and quietly disappear--indicating that the assemblies aren't compatible with a SL 4 project (where the .NET Framework Full Profile doesn't exist). I am able to add references to a .NET 4 Console app project just fine... Can you create a SL 4 compatible assembly?

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jles posted this 23 July 2012

Hi bpmarkel,

(I tried to submit this via the Support Form, but the captcha is broken.)

I'm really sorry that you had problems using our Support Case Form. The problem is that we haven't been able to reproduce this issue on any of our machines - it looks like it's working perfectly. Would you be so kind and tell me if you experienced this malfunction only on your computer? And what browser do you use?

About SL4 compatibility: You should know that "assembly portability" feature of Silverlight 4 is very limited in terms of what kind of .NET assemblies can be referenced from a Silverlight app. Yes, it's true, you can use .NET assemblies in a SL4 application but only those who directly or indirectly reference one or more of the 4 basic assemblies (Mscorlib, System, System.Core, System.ComponentModel.Composition, Microsoft.VisualBasic) and nothing more. So since the Docentric Report Engine (Docentric.Word.dll) is built on top of Microsoft's Open XML SDK (DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll) the answer is no. We could eventually make our report engine SL compatible but would need to re-write a major part of the DocumentFormat.OpenXml assembly. There are also other concerns like limited Reflection capabilities in SL, ...

Document generation is mostly a server-side job (in ASP.NET apps you don't have other options) so I'm really curious what is the reason behind the decision to create documents on a client. And I don't want to say this is necessarily a bad idea at all. Could you please explain why do you need to generate Word docs from a SL4 application and share your scenario with us?

Best regards,
Jure Leskovec

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