Table Header Row Does not Repeat When Merging

AxaMatrix posted this 18 June 2015


I am creating a document using DOM. I want my header to repeat on many pages if the table breaks to the other pages. I have also tried doing this using the header as an actual page header. These techniques both work fine when it generates a document. The problem is when I merge this document to the main one using Document.Load(path, options). The header is gone and the table's header row does not repeat.

Here are the options I am using:

ImportOptions options = new ImportOptions()
                    ImportStyleMode = ImportStyleMode.CopySourceDocumentStyles, 
                    ImportedDocumentDelimiter = ImportedDocumentDelimiter.PageBreak,
                    ImportedDocumentPageNumbering = ImportedDocumentPageNumbering.ForceContinuation

I have replaced CopySourceDocumentSytles with UseTargetDocumentStyles and that does not carry over as well.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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jles posted this 19 June 2015


We found a bug that caused the 'TableRowFormat.RepeatOnEachPage' property not loaded via 'Document.Load'. The bug has been fixed and you can download the update from this location:

Please note that the 'RepeatOnEachPage' property only works when saving to a Word document. Rendering to PDF or XPS doesn't take the property into account. This will get fixed in one of the following versions.

Let me know if the update works for you.

Thanks, Jure Leskovec

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AxaMatrix posted this 19 June 2015

Works great. Thanks

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