The converted PDF document is not the same as the original Word document

nperez posted this 13 April 2020


As I convert my existing Word document to PDF I have noticed that the PDF document is not the same as the Word document. It seems that the PDF document didn't copy the format like (font size, line spacing, alignment), etc from the word document to the PDF. Even if the Word file has 2 pages, it is converted to a PDF file with only 1 page.

I use this code on converting word to pdf.

private string ConvertToPdf(string filepath, string outputpath)
        Document doc = Document.Load(filepath);
       using (FileStream fs = File.Create(outputpath))
            doc.Save(fs, Docentric.Documents.ObjectModel.SaveOptions.Pdf);
       return outputpath;

Best Regards, Neonito Perez Jr.

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jles posted this 13 May 2020

Hi Neonito,

Thank you for reporting the issue. Could you please tell me which version are you using? If you are using an old version of Docentric Toolkit, please try the latest one. Please note that we have a planned release of version 6.1 this week.

Also, could you please share your input Word document?

Thanks, Jure

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