Tooling difference between Word 2010 and Word 2013

danvonfeldt posted this 22 September 2017

We are noticing some difference between the word add-in when in Word 2010 vs Word 2013. It looks like in 2010 there is a "Design Mode" and in 2013 there is "Show Tags". Also 2013 seems to have some better highlighting, could you elaborate on these differences and if there are more we should be aware of?

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jles posted this 25 September 2017

Hi Dan,

Yes, you are right. There are some differences between MS Word 2010 and MS Word 2013 (and higher). MS Word 2013 introduced some new features that we took advantage of:

  • Setting colors to Content Controls: we used the new feature to give each type of a tagging element (content control) a distinct color for better readability.
  • Change the appearance of Content Controls: in MS Word 2010 you could only show tags by switching to Design Mode which was not safe because this sometimes led to a corrupted document.

Both features are only available for MS Word 2013 and higher and this is why MS Word 2007/2010 has different appearance in this regard. Still, this is only appearance and it doesn't influence on "behavior" of templates. The only difference that might be important is the old "Design Mode" which, as I said, sometimes locks contents inside a Content Control and needs to be manually fixed. It happens rarely but still we recommend to avoid using the Design Mode feature. The new "Show Tags" on the other hand is completely safe to use.

This features were introduced with Docentric Toolkit v5.0:

I hope this helps,

Jure Leskovec

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