Troubles with listControl after updating to Version 3.0

luna posted this 09 October 2015

After updating to Version 3.0 I encounter problems with the listcontrol.
If I add a field to the list following error pops up
Docentric Error
My xsd-schema for the list ist defined like this
In the prior version no problem.
When I open an old report with a list following error occurs
What I'm doing wrong?


I've tested the fixed version (.... and removed the double root elements ;) ) and now all works fine. Thanks for your promt help and keep up the good work.

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jles posted this 12 October 2015


In order to reproduce this issue on our side we would need the template and the XML file. But before doing it I suggest you to try the newest version 3.1 which is not public yet, but stable and I think it already contains the fix for your issue. I will send the link to your email.

Best regards, Jure Leskovec

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jles posted this 14 October 2015

The issue is now fixed. Version 3.1 contains the fix.

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