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derek posted this 18 November 2012

Hi, I'm trying to use a list and a .net collection but there are no examples of a class, I see DataAccess.GetProducts() in the examples but no example of what is in GetProducts?


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jles posted this 19 November 2012


If you are looking for working example download the product and play with the "Example Browser" application that ships with it. This is a WPF application that shows off different features of the toolkit for different scenarios. There is also the example with the 'List' element bound to a .NET collection. Note that full source code is also provided for the application and you can examine it, change it and also use it in your own .NET project.

Documentation doesn't show what a Data Retrieval layer looks like because this is not a responsibility of the toolkit. All you need to know is that a List element can only bind to a collection of 'something'. In the example of your interest, DataAccess.GetProducts() returns a collection of "Product" objects, which can be any collection like "List of Product", "Product[]", anything that inherits IEnumerable.

Please let me know if this helps.

Best Regards,
Jure Leskovec

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