Contains classes, structures, enumerations and interfaces which constitute the Document Object Model.

Class Description
Public class CollectionBase`1
Public class DocumentObjectCollection`1
Public class DocumentObject
Public class Document Represents an in-memory document. It is always the a root in a DOM object heirarchy.
Public class PrintPageSelection Represents the selection of pages that shall be printed.
Public class ImportOptions Specifies various options for an import operation.
Public class SaveOptions Base class for a document specific save options class.
Public class WordSaveOptions Specifies various save options for a MS Word document.
Public class PdfSaveOptions Specifies various save options for a PDF document.
Public class XpsSaveOptions Specifies various save options for a XPS document.
Public class DocumentSettings Represents settings that are common to the whole document.
Public class LayoutOptions Specifies varios layout options.
Public class ListCollection
Public class List Represents a numbered or buletted list definition.
Public class ListLevelCollection Represents a buletted or numbered list level.
Public class ListLevel Represents the definition for a single level in a List.
Public class CharacterFormat
Public class Format Represents the base class for all format objects such as CharacterFormat, ParagraphFormat, TableFormat, TableCellFormat and TableRowFormat.
Public class Style Represents the base style for all style types, such as ParagraphStyle, CharacterStyle and TableStyle
Public class Element Base class for all document elements.
Public class Section Represents a document section.
Public class HeaderFooterSet Represents a set of HeaderFooter objects for a particular Section.
Public class HeaderFooter Represents a document header or footer.
Public class Story Base class for content document objects (Body, HeaderFooter ...) that contain block level elements such as Paragraph and Table.
Public class ElementCollection
Public class ElementCollection`1
Public class Range Represents a contiguous area in a document.
Public class Bookmark
Public class BookmarkStart
Public class BookmarkEnd
Public class Paragraph
Public class CompositeElement
Public class ParagraphFormat
Public class Brush Defines objects used to paint elements. Classes that derive from Brush describe how the area is painted.
Public class ParagraphBorders Represents borders of a paragraph.
Public class CompositeFormatPropertyObject Base class for all composite Format property types.
Public class TabStopCollection
Public class DocumentValueCollection`1
Public class ParagraphStyle
Public class PageSetup Represents the page setup description for a section. The PageSetup object contains all page setup attributes (left margin, bottom margin, paper size ...) as properties.
Public class PageMargins Represents the page margins.
Public class TextColumnCollection
Public class TextColumn
Public class PaperSourceSettings Represents an objects that specifies printer-specific settings for the printer tray(s) that shall be used to print different pages in this section.
Public class Body Represents a document body.
Public class SectionCollection Represents a read-only collection of document sections.
Public class StyleList Represents a collection of Styles.
Public class CharacterStyle
Public class SectionBreak Represents a section break in a document body.
Public class SolidColorBrush Represents a brush that paints an area with a solid color.
Public class GradientStopCollection
Public class LinearGradientBrush Represents a brush that paints an area with a solid color.
Public class TextBase The base class for text elements, such as Text and FieldInstructionText.
Public class Colors Implements a set of predefined colors.
Public class Brushes Implements a set of predefined SolidColorBrush objects.
Public class Run This element specifies a run of content (text, images, shapes) in a paragraph.
Public class SpecialCharacter
Public class Text Represents a text inside a Run element.
Class Description
Public struct Length This class represents a length.
Public struct Border Represents a Paragraph border.
Public struct Color The Color class represents an ARGB color value.
Public struct LineSpacing
Public struct TabStop Represents a custom tab stop within a list of custom tab stops applied to a ParagraphFormat.Tabs property.
Public struct Margin Represents the space between the element and the surrounding text.
Public struct PageSize Specifies the size of the page/paper.
Public struct PaperSource Represents a printer-specific input (paper) tray.
Public struct GradientStop Describes the location and color of a transition point in a gradient.
Public struct Padding Represents the space between the element and the surrounding text.
Class Description
Public enum ImportStyleMode Specifies how the styles of the source document are handled during an import operation in regard to the target document.
Public enum ImportedDocumentDelimiter Specifies a delimiter between the existing target document content and the imported document content.
Public enum ImportedDocumentDelimiterSectionStart Specifies the SectionStart value for the section that delimits the appending/source and the target document.
Public enum ImportedDocumentPageNumbering Specifies what shall be the starting page number for the imported document. This value is only applicable when setting the ImportedDocumentDelimiter to a value other than 'None'.
Public enum ListTemplateType Specifies a bulleted or numbered list template.
Public enum ListDepth Specifies a list level (depth). Valid levels are for 1 to 9.
Public enum ListNumberAlignment
Public enum SectionStart
Public enum HeaderFooterType Specifies the type of a header or footer.
Public enum HorizontalAlignment Specifies the alignment of a Paragraph content.
Public enum BorderStyle Specifies a border style.
Public enum LineSpacingRule
Public enum OutlineLevel
Public enum TabStopAlignment Represents the available alignments for custom TabStop, which determines the behavior of the TabStop and the alignment which shall be applied to text entered at the current custom TabStop.
Public enum TabStopLeader Represents the characters which may be used to fill in the space created by a tab which ends at this custom TabStop. The chosen character is repeated as required to completely fill the gap created by a tab.
Public enum FlipOrientation Specifies the value that indicates if a shape is flipped over one or both axis.
Public enum LineNumbersRestartType
Public enum Orientation
Public enum GutterPosition
Public enum NumberStyle
Public enum UnderlineType
Public enum ListNumberTrailingCharacter Specifies trailing character that will be inserted after the number.
Public enum PropertyKind
Public enum CharacterVerticalPosition Specifies vertical position of the characters in the Run.
Public enum SpecialCharacterType Represents the type of the SpecialCharacter.
Public enum StoryType Specifies the type of a story.
Public enum StyleType