Class Description
Public class Table Represents a table containing content that is arranged in rows and columns.
Public class TableColumnCollection Represents a collection of TableColumns.
Public class TableColumn
Public class TableRow
Public class TableCell Represents a cell in a Table.
Public class TableCellFormat
Public class TableCellBorders Represents borders of a table cell.
Public class TableCellPadding Represents the space between the table cell and its content.
Public class TableRowFormat
Public class TableFormat
Public class TableBorders Represents borders of a table.
Public class TableStyle
Public class TableStyleConditionalFormattingSet Represents a set of formatting objects which shall be conditionally applied to the parts of a table which match the requirement on the Type property of each formatting object. Each formatting object in turn represents specific format objects for different elements (Table, TableRow, TableCell, Paragraph and Run).
Public class TableStyleConditionalFormatting
Class Description
Public struct TableWidth Represents width for a table or a table cell.
Public struct TableRowHeight Represents a table row height.
Public struct TablePosition
Class Description
Public enum TableWidthRule Represents the rule that is used to determine a table or table cell width.
Public enum TableCellTextDirection Represents a direction of the text flow in a table cell.
Public enum TableCellVerticalAlignment Represents a vertical alignment for a table cell content.
Public enum TableRowHeightRule Represents the rule that is used to determine the height of a TableRow.
Public enum TableHorizontalAlignment
Public enum TableStyleConditionalFormattingUsage Specifies the components of the conditional formatting of a table style (if one exists) which shall be applied to a table.