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  • Ultimate MS Word
    Mail Merge and Reporting Solution for .NET

    Easily create rich and complex documents from your apps. Make your reports look PROFESSIONAL and outstanding.
  • The Best Possible
    User Experience

    Design your templates directly in MS Word while utilizing
    Word's powerful styling and formatting capabilities.
  • Empower Your End Users
    With The Best Designer

    Empower your End Users with the tool they know and love, Microsoft Word, and engage them in document and report customization.
  • Generate Your Documents
    in Just a Few Lines of Code

    ♦ No COM, No Office Automation
    ♦ 100% Managed .NET
    ♦ Blazing fast performance
    ♦ Integrate into any .NET app: ASP.NET, WPF,
        Win Forms, WCF, Windows Service...

Create MS Word Documents from
your .NET Apps

Documents & Reports

Want to use
a powerful document &
reporting solution
in your .NET app with
no effort?

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Design Reports in MS Word, produce them as PDF!

Docentric Toolkit in Cloud

Design templates in MS Word and generate PDF documents and other formats from them.

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What Our Clients Say


We have migrated from our old report generation solution to Docentric Toolkit. Docentric software has enabled our customers to create detailed reports of their industrial video borescope inspections. The toolkit was very easy to integrate into our solutions and the technical support is simply great!

Bryan Maule, General Electric, USA

I just wanted to let you know that we made our production release of our clients' software that now incorporates Docentric Toolkit and that code has been working flawlessly ever since. Both our client and our development staff here at snapApps are very pleased that the product has been super-stable and much faster both in operation and development than the Word automation that we previously employed (for 8 years) as a document production solution. All in all, the transition has been seamless. Our client provides insurance services nationwide in the USA. We have over 200 templates in our process and there hasn't been a problem with any of them. Please pat your team on the back and say "Thank you" from me! I'd definitely recommend your product to others.

Brian J. Daly, snapApps, USA