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Development Licenses

The table below is showing prices for developemnt licenses. Development Licenses are needed by development teams who want to incorporate Docentric Toolkit into their applications. Docentric Toolkit full development package includes both Docentric Toolkit Engine and Docentric Toolkit Add-In for MS Word.


End User Licenses

A Docentric Toolkit license is always tied to the company for which it was issued. If you developed an application that incorporates Docentric Toolkit Engine, you cannot distribute your license to your End Users that are employees of another company. Users from separate companies must have their own licenses.

We also offer End User Licenses. After all, Docentric Toolkit was designed from the very beginning to be used by non-developers as well. This type of a license is needed by users who only want to use Docentric Toolkit Add-In for MS Word to design documents and reports, and are not part of a development team.


By buying a new license for the product you automatically get a subscription which gives you access to all updates and hot fixes for one year. After the subscription expires, it can be renewed for a much lower price compared to the price for a new license (check the price table below). A subscription has to be renewed before its expiration. When your subscription expires without renewing it you can still use the product and get technical support free of charge, but you do not get updates (new product features) or hot fixes.


Have A Question?

If you have a question regarding the license types, editions or the purchase process, please contact us at or use the Contact Us form.