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Visualize your data in the form of outstanding documents

No matter how complex your data is, with Docentric Toolkit you will create documents and reports merged with any data while enjoying a true free-form design offered by MS Word.

Docentric Toolkit is an Word document generation, mail-merge and reporting toolkit for .NET designed to drastically reduce the time and effort required to create and maintain documents and reports in Word.

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Visual Mail Merge image

Visual Mail Merge

  • Automate any type of documents existing in your apps with ease while focusing on your core app domain.

  • Delegate template design/maintenance to non-developers and save developers’ valuable hours.

Document Types You Can Automate

Invoices, Forms, Contracts, Agreements, Policies, Letters, Statements, Claims, Declarations, Notices, Legal Documents, Client Correspondence Documentation, HR documents, Legal Documents etc.


  • Use Word's powerful capabilities to design highly professional-looking reports with tables, charts, nested reports etc.

  • Multiple output formats supported, such as DOCX, PDF and XPS.

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Template Design by End Users

Template Design by End Users

  • Your end users will have the power to manage and update their templates in Word.

  • Make communication about documents and reports with your clients easier and efficient.

Document Merging / Combining

  • Use document merging to support and improve collaboration processes.

  • Systematically build complex documents.

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