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We at Docentric have always been aware that providing a high quality product is not enough. From the very beginning we have known that excelent and reliable support matters equally. Those of you who are already working with us know that we are taking support very seriously and that we always try to be agile and address issues as quickly as possible.

Docentric Toolkit is a completely customer-driven product. We always listen to your requirements very carefully and also, we are grateful for your feedbacks. Working with us doesn't only mean fixing quirks in our software but also helping you with the integration of the product into your projects as well as listening to your recommendations about how to improve Docentric Toolkit. It is this very kind of a releationship, along with our expertise, that makes our product great while your projects are getting done efficiently and successfully.

Standard Support

Technical support is completely free. Whether you are an existing customer or just evaluating the product, we are here to help you. Standard support offers the following benefits:

  • Product Guidance

    Standard support service provides guidance and explanation for built-in features of Docentric Toolkit. We provide clients with references to existing resources and code samples to demonstrate the intended use of the product regarding a particular case.

  • Support is done via our support email and forum.

    All issues and questions are answered by our support engineers. They are all developers and they are very familliar with Docentric Toolkit. You can be assured that they are all highly skilled and that you will always receive high quality answers from them.

  • Free Support

    Standard support is unlimited and free, and available for all license types.

Support is handled through:

Enhanced Support

Enhanced support is suitable for the more demanding customers who need highly available and prioritized support with shorter response times:

  • 24 hour guaranteed initial response time

    High availability - When you report an issue or a question during weekdays we get back to you immediately. We also try to provide an immediate workaround or a partial or full solution if available.

  • High Priority

    All the reported issues will be dealt with higher priority and will be put in the queue above the Standard support issues. Any bug fixes or new feature implementations are delivered in the form of hot fixes (non-public releases) - which means that you never need to wait for the next public release.

  • Consulting

    We have seen a myriad of different document generation scenarios so far and hence have gathered a lot of knowledge accumulated through all these years. With the Enhanced support subscription we will guide you and help you design document generation functionality in your system. We will delve into your scenario and find most optimal efficient way to use our software in your project.

  • Remote Web Assistence

    In order solve more complex issues our support team can scedule a web session which enables screen sharing. During a web assistance session, our team will try diagnosing the issue and guide clients towards a solution, where possible.

  • Phone Assistence

    You can make a phone call to get a quick advice and directions on the intended usage of Docentric Toolkit and the product's features. By contacting our support team, you can get guidance on how to address known issues or implement commonly encountered use-cases.

  • Access to our core development team

    Issue escalation to the product development team, the same people who build Docentric Toolkit.

Have A Question?

If you have a question regarding the license types, editions or the purchase process, please contact us at or use the Contact Us form.