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Docentric d.o.o. is specialized in Document Generation and Reporting. Our key goal is to provide smart and powerful tools for document generation (also known as document automation or mail merge) which fit into various technical contexts and business scenarios, while aiming to ensure the best possible user experience for our customers. Our mission is to provide top quality and fully reliable products that truly solve our customers' problems.

We have been significantly investing in our products which are closely built around the most popular document editor - Microsoft Office Word. Because of our unique and innovative template design approach, our products offer entirely new possibilities in the field of Document Generation and Reporting.

Our highest priorities are creating high quality products and providing exceptional customer service. We always like to get feedback from our customers and also want to be as responsive as we can - our hot fixes are usually just a matter of a couple of days, if not hours.


  • Docentric Toolkit - A document generation and reporting toolkit for .NET
  • Docentric AX - A document generation and reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications

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(EU) +386 47 774 180
(US) +1 650 835 7260


Docentric d.o.o.
Ljubljanska cesta 24G
4000 Kranj
Slovenia (EU)

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We offer consulting for technical and functional issues/aspects of Docentric Toolkit integration with your applications as well as for document automation issues in general.