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If you are an IT company working in the Government, Law, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance or Education industry and your customers have plenty of documents related to external and internal regulations, business processes and their own client correspondence which have to be generated directly from your applications, you have probably already found some kind of document automation solution. But is your current document automation solution so smart and robust enough to enable even low skilled developers or non-technical users to design numerous automated documents without hassle, especially large and complex ones? Is your solution still based on COM technology which is unstable, has poor performance, is version dependent and causes memory leaks, leading to a lot of headache in the production environment? And if you have more than one customer for the same application/product, the problem of autumated document (template) customization for different customers can be even more tedious and costly.

Why don’t you provide your developers or non-technical staff with a tool that successfully copes with all these issues plus offers excellent user experience while designing templates? The Docentric Toolkit templates are just ordinary MS Word documents and are hence edited directly in MS Word. Why not equip and empower your customers with a user friendly and intuitive tool which will enable them to edit automated documents (templates) by themselves. Everybody knows how to use Microsoft Word!

We invite you to become a Docentric Solution Partner.

With Docentric Toolkit many expensive developers' hours can be saved, developers can be spared from tedious and tiresome tasks of creating and updating automated documents and your customers will be delighted with the new possibilities.

Solution Partner

Solution partners integrate Docentric Toolkit with their applications/products and resell the Docentric MS Word Add-In to their customers i.e. end users. For this purpose the Docentric Cloud solution can also be a good option.

Solution Partners deliver complex solutions with added value that increase customers’ productivity and performance, adding high value in customization, sales and support processes.

Solution Partners are entitled to a discount when purchasing Docentric Toolkit for themselves and receive a percentage of each license of Docentric Toolkit sold to their end users. Please contact us at to discuss about licensing, technical and other issues related to a possible partnership.

OEM Partner

OEM partners incorporate the original or a customized Docentric Toolkit into their own products with a distinct brand (or a co-branded) name, offering its own warranty, support and licensing of the product. For an in-depth discussion about the OEM partnership opportunity please contact us at .


We are looking for affiliate partners to:

  • Connect us with Solution or OEM Partners

  • Advertise our product and services on the web:

    • Write/blog about our products
    • Compare our products with other similar products
    • Add banners on your website with links to our website
    • Talk about our products on forums

    Websites suitable for advertising our product and services are sites with content related to:

    • Document Generation also known as Document Automation
    • MS Word Reporting
    • Reporting for end users (Self-Service Reporting, Ad-hoc Reporting)
    • CRM (Add-Ons for CRM systems)
    • MS SharePoint (Add-Ons for MS SharePoint)
    • Reporting and Document Automation in the Cloud
    • Document Automation specialized for different IT branches such as Healthcare, IT for Law Companies, Banks, Insurance, Government etc.


We offer consulting for technical and functional issues/aspects of Docentric Toolkit integration with your applications as well as for document automation issues in general.

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