To get to a particular report, first its template has to be created and designed. Building of Docentric report templates take place in MS Word Docentric Add-In installed. There are common preparation tasks needed to be done when you are building a new Docentric report template:

  • Open a new blank Word document and click the button "Enable Templating" (see Making a Word dokument a report template)
    The document is enabled for templating if the button "Enable Templating" on the Docentric Ribbon tab is pressed:
    Enable Templating in Word image

  • Turn on Data Sources and Elements Explorers
    In order to do that, click the proper buttons on the Docentric Ribbon tab, like is shown on the picture below:
    Turning on Elements and Data Sources Panes image

    During templates designing Element Builder pane can be used as well, mainly for quick inserting of Docentric elements.
    On the next picture is shown how to activate it:

    Turning on Elements and Data Sources Panes image

  • Define default data source (for detailed explanation see Managing Data Sources)
    The default data source can be selected by clicking the button on Data Sources Explorer marked on the picture:
    Defining Data Source image
    After the appropriate assembly is chosen, pick the right .Net type representing the default data source. Let's assume that it is the class Customer:
    Defining Data Source image image
    The result is following:
    Defining Data Source image