Represents a set of formatting properties which shall be applied to a TableCell.


Namespace: Docentric.Documents.ObjectModel.Tables
Assembly: Docentric.Documents.ObjectModel (in Docentric.Documents.ObjectModel.dll)
public class TableCellFormat : Format

The TableCellFormat type exposes the following members.

Name Description
Public constructor .ctor()
Name Description
Public member Background Gets or sets the table cell background.
Public member Borders Gets or sets the table cell borders.
Public member FitText Gets or sets a value indicating whether the content of the table cell has its inter-character spacing increased or reduced as necessary to fit the width of the text extents of the table cell.
Public member OwnerDocument Gets the owner document. (Inherited from DocumentObject)
Public member OwnerElement Gets the element this format object belongs to (Paragraph or Run). (Inherited from Format)
Public member OwnerStyle Gets the style this format object belongs to. (Inherited from Format)
Public member Padding Gets or sets the table cell padding.
Public member PreferredWidth Gets or sets the preferred width of the TableCell.
Public member TextDirection Gets or sets the direction of the text flow for table cell.
Public member VerticalAlignment Gets or sets the vertical alignment of the text in the TableCell.
Public member WrapText Gets or sets a value indicating whether the table cell content shall be allowed to wrap (the cell may be shrunk as needed if it is a fixed preferred width value, and the content shall be treated as having breaking characters if it is a percentage or automatic width value).
Name Description
Public method ClearFormatting Clears the values of all formatting properties. (Inherited from Format)
Public method Clone Clones this DocumentObject object including its DOM children. (Inherited from DocumentObject)
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