Docentric Toolkit is a document generation and reporting toolkit that enables generation of .docx documents from any type of .NET application. The toolkit provides a report engine, the document generation class library that can be integrated with your .NET application. The toolkit also includes a highly productive and user friendly editing enviroment, in the form of Microsoft Word Add-In, for authoring these document templates.

Report engine represents 100% managed .NET dll and is based on the Open XML SDK. This means that an application using toolkit's Report Engine library doesn't need MS Office installed on the machine it is running on. In comparisson to the approach of solving the same task using Office COM (which has been a very popular solution) this solves many problems and opens new possibilities, like creation of .docx documents from server applications (ASP.NET, Windows/Web Service application).

Getting started

Designing Templates

  • The fastest way to understand the basic concepts is to read the "Basic concepts" topic which will explain concepts through use cases.


Tutorials through examples

  • Step by step examples are available in the "Examples" chapter.