Represents a custom tab stop within a list of custom tab stops applied to a ParagraphFormat.Tabs property.


Namespace: Docentric.Documents.ObjectModel
Assembly: Docentric.Documents.ObjectModel (in Docentric.Documents.ObjectModel.dll)
public struct TabStop

The TabStop type exposes the following members.

Name Description
Public member Alignment Gets the alignment of the current TabStop, which determines the behavior of the tab stop and the alignment which shall be applied to text entered at the current TabStop.
Public member ClearsTabStop Indicates whether this TabStop object clears an inherited tab stop set higher in the style hierarchy.
Public member Leader Gets the character which shall be used to fill in the gap befor the text at the tab stop position created by a tab which ends at this TabStop.
Public member Position Gets the position of the current TabStop with respect to the current page margins.
Name Description
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Public method ToString() Returns the description of the TabStop object. (Overrides TabStop.ToString)
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