The If element is used to designate its wrapped content to be conditionally included on the generated document. This way you can dynamically include or exclude particular part of a document in regard to data.

The If element can wrap arbitrary content. It is not limited just to text or pictures, it can also include other dynamic data-bound content (Docentric elements) as its content. This way you can exclude, e.g., the list of customers from the report if the customer collection is empty.

This element has properties that can be set in the Properties pane:

  • Name (rquired): Name of the element. The name of an element provides a means of referencing an element from code when setting the boolean value manually for it.
  • Bound: If checked, this element is a bound element which means the value will be provided in code.
  • Value: This must be a valid Data Binding. This binding must always result in a value of type Boolean. The If element uses the value to determine weather to render its wrapped content or not. If the value is True, the content wrapped by the If element will be preserved, otherwise it will be removed.
  • InvertIf this property is set to True, the Value binding result will be inverted before applied as a final value at the report generation time.
If element