Specifies the barcode symbology.

Namespace: Docentric.Documents.Reporting.Model.Definitions
Assembly: Docentric.Documents.Reporting (in Docentric.Documents.Reporting.dll)
public enum BarcodeSymbology

Member name Description
Aztec Aztec 2D barcode format.
Code128 Code 128 1D format.
Code39 Code 39 1D format.
Codebar CODABAR 1D format.
DataMatrix Data Matrix 2D barcode format.
Ean13 EAN-13 1D format.
Ean8 EAN-8 1D format.
Interleaved2of5 ITF (Interleaved Two of Five) 1D format.
Pdf417 PDF417 format.
Plessey Plessey
QrCode QR Code 2D barcode format.
UpcA UPC-A 1D format.