The installation package includes both, the Add-In for MS Word as well as the Report Engine. There is no separate installation packages for eaqcxh of the components. This installation package can always be used regardles if you intent to use both components or only one of them.

To install the product:

  • Download the latest version of the toolkit.
  • Run the setup (.exe) file to start the installation process (you must be logged in as an administrator).
  • If any of the prerequisites are missing on the machine, they will be automatically downloaded and installed. After the instalation of all prerequisites will complete, the Docentric setup will proceed with the installation.
  • Follow the setup wizard until the installation is done.

After the installation successfully completed the following visible changes have been made to the computer:

  • The Docentric Toolkit directory is created in the Start Menu -> Program Files, where you can access links to various resources like help and examples
  • The Add-In gets visible (Docentric Toolkit ribbon tab) when you start the MS Word application.
  • The Report Engine dll files are installed in the installation folder and registered with Visual Studio. Read here about how to reference the required assemblies in a .NET application.